Season 1

Everything related to Season 1 – Canaries

Against the Rods | Season 1, Episode 33

The heroes come upon several rods similar to the one they took from Symphony, but after pulling them from the ground, they must face one of the most difficult challenges they had ever encountered.

Dark Side of the Moon | Season 1, Episode 32

The heroes manage to escape the village of Ming with some of the clones, but not before having their minds tampered with, which causes major confusion within the party.

Many Meetings | Season 1, Episode 30

After failing to solve the puzzle of the black dragon chamber, the heroes encounter an ancient being known as the General, as well as a sphinx who shows them visions meant to help them defeat the Autumn Wyrm.

Cousins and Curses | Season 1, Episode 28

The heroes free the clones by battling Luceus’s cousin. They also find a way to revert the effects of the dream pies, which proves simpler than they had imagined.