Attack of the Clones | Season 1, Episode 22

Having defeated the legendary dragon Hundar, the heroes head to the island of Gwenneth and offer to help a community of druids under threat from a cadre of clone assassins.

Hundar | Season 1, Episode 21

After a pleasant conversation with a jeweller, the heroes confront Hundar, the legendary red dragon of Minturn.

The Dragon’s Forge | Season 1, Episode 20

Taking advantage of being mistaken for emissaries of the Hells, the heroes head to Minturn to find out why a large shipment of adamantine is being sent to a mountain where an ancient red dragon makes its lair.

Snakes and Golems | Season 1, Episode 19

Aided by the newly reawakened queen of the Hells, the heroes finally find their way to the planar portal. But to enter it, they must face its stony guardian.

It Snows in Hell | Season 1, Episode 16

The heroes receive a mission from Titivilus, Dispater’s right-hand man, and are joined on said mission by a mysterious tiefling sorceress.

Bitch’s Brew | Season 1, Episode 14

The heroes continue their mission to clear out the temple of Umberlee, but the devilish invasion may prove to be too much for them to handle.

Fire and Water | Season 1, Episode 13

The voyage to the Moonshae Isles is dramatically cut short by the appearance of sahuagin worshipers of the Bitch Queen, who give the heroes an offer they cannot refuse.